About Our Organization

Who are We?

We are long time climbers and advocates. Individually, we have all been doing work on our own or in small groups for many years. It took a global pandemic to afford us the time to bring our passions together.


We created EPAC as a means of pooling our resources so that Eastern Pennsylvania could have a united voice and shared energy. We have laid the foundation. We are excited to grow this organization with the help of the climbing community.

Our Core Values

Education & Advocacy

To serve as mentors for one another as well as a new generation of climbers

Stewardship & Sustainability

To preserve and restore our climbing lands

Community Development & Diversity

To empower connection and mutual respect among all climbers

Board of Directors


  • Joe Forte – President / Conservation Chair
  • Kate Fetterolf – Vice President
  • Char Fetterolf – Secretary
  • Dana Caracciolo – Treasurer / Finance Chair /Access Fund Liaison


  • Matt Cordes
  • Michael Donohue
  • Brittany Hendler
  • Emmy Kinsley
  • Jessica Lipkin
  • Ken Sinapius
  • Hann Smiley – Community Chair

Do you have the passion or skills that can benefit our board? 



Oversees climbing area needs

Communicates with land managers

Facilitates stewardship events

Recruits and trains ambassadors 


Promotes access to ALL people

Surveys the needs of the climbers

Conducts educational events

Partners with community members


Ensures financial health and stability

Seeks grant funding opportunities

Manages spending responsibly

Supports fundraising efforts

Diversity & Inclusion

We Need You!

Access. It is a word often found in the world of climbing. For many folks it means gaining or maintaining access to a climbing area. However, access has come to mean something far greater – While climbing areas may be open, they are not equally accessible to all.


The founding members are committed to making our organization diverse both in its leadership and in the community we build. We are striving for representation of all types of climbers and all types of people. We are mindful that we are not there yet. We are looking for individuals to help EPAC get there.

What we are doing...
  • We have begun a JEDI Committee that includes Local Climbing Organizations across the state of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to share resources and begin initiatives. We will empower our community and help all people visiting Pennsylvania climbing areas feel welcome and safe.
  • Our Community Engagement Committee has reached out to multiple affinity groups to meet and begin developing partnerships.
  • We successfully supported multiple local climbers who reached out for help getting offensive and racist route names changed.
  • We have started organizing educational roundtable discussions for the fall.
  • We have continued to educate ourselves and compiling resources to share

Community Meeting

Thank you to all who joined us!

If you were not able to attend or want to revisit the meeting, the full video as well as questions are now available.

Want to get involved?

Learn more about how you can help EPAC grow and thrive.