Gym To Crag

What Is It?

EPAC’s Gym to Crag is a FREE educational opportunity for indoor climbers who are curious about climbing outdoors. It will discuss the differences between indoor and outdoor climbing as well as provide resources for you to take next steps.


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What it will cover


  • What information and skills do I need to learn?
  • What should I bring?
  • Whose land is it and what are the rules?
  • How can I stay safe?
  •  How can being a good steward of the land help protect access?
  •  What is my next step to go climbing outside?
What it will not cover


  • Technical Skills Needed for Outdoor Climbing 
  • Specific Information About Gear
  • Complete Knowledge to Prepare you for Climbing Outdoors.
  • Outdoor Climbing Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I climb at the host gym?

We are grateful for to all our host gyms for providing a space for Gym to Crag events. While the presentation itself is free and open to anyone, each gym has discretion over if they wish to extend any discounts to those who are not members.

Why are technical skills not covered in Gym to Crag?

First, EPAC is not insured to provide technical training or performing “guided activities”. We do hope to partner with gyms, local guides and guide companies to add this portion to our program. 

Second, this presentation is a starting point regardless of if you are into bouldering, roped climbing or both. Technical skills for each discipline in climbing vary greatly and take more time then we can allow to learn.

What do you do with my email?

The purpose of collecting your email address is to provide valuable follow-up information, discount codes and resources from the presentation. This way you can revisit information or do a deeper dive into some of the topic areas.

EPAC will never sell or distribute any contact information.

What gyms are hosting Gym to Crag?

We have been in touch with nearly every gym in our region. We will post dates once confirmed. By doing this, we hope everyone can find a time and location that is convenient for them…even if it is not your home gym.

Is there swag?

Oh yes! We have wag bags, stickers and other goodies for everyone who attends. We also have gear provided by our gracious sponsor, Mammut, that will raffled off.

What if I already climb outside, can I still attend?

ABSOLUTLEY! While some of the information may be a review, there will certainly be new learnings as well. We also value folks sharing their own journeys and experiences.

Upcoming Gym To Crag Events

Our Gym To Crag events are always FREE to attend thanks to the generosity of our host facilities. Climbing before or after events is at the discretion of each location. Select the date below to register.

Want a Gym To Crag at your location? Let’s us know and we will see what we can do!

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Program Sponsor

Thank You For Your Support

As our primary event sponsor, Mammut provided raffle prizes to every gym location we visited as well as discount codes for all participants to make investment in quality gear!


If you aren’t familiar with Mammut products, look for them at your local gyms, outdoor store or online.


Visit Mammut

Commit to The Climber's Pact!

  • Be considerate of other users
  • Park and camp in designated areas
  • Dispose of human waste properly
  • Stay on trails whenever possible
  • Place gear and pads on durable surfaces
  • Respect wildlife, sensitive plants, soils, and cultural resources
  • Clean up chalk and tick marks
  • Minimize group size and noise
  • Pack out all trash, crash pads, and gear
  • Learn the local ethics for the places you climb
  • Respect regulations and closures
  • Use, install, and replace bolts and fixed anchors responsibly
  • Be an upstander, not a bystander

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