High Rocks: Temporary Route Closure

In collaboration with DCNR and Bucks County Parks & Rec, we are asking all climbers to comply with a temporary route closure due to a nesting Canada Goose. The routes include Neanderthal, Stopper Ceiling, the 2nd pitch of Route 2 and the anchor station at the top. At this time, Route 1 and Route 2 remain open. The bolt station for Route 1&2 on Broadway ledge can be accessed from the Practice Face side.

This is being done for the safety of the goose, its young and climbers. (Geese can be nasty!) The nest is being monitored and the routes will be reopen as soon as the goslings leave the nest.

We appreciate your cooperation in allowing the goose to nest without disruption.

wildlife nesting
Help our Feathered Friends!


  • EPAC was contacted on April 17 by a concerned climber regarding the goose nest.
  • EPAC confirmed the location of the goose and reported it to DCNR.
  • DCNR determined that Canada Goose are not listed as a threatened or endangered species. However, it is still afforded protections under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
  • In collaboration with DCNR and Bucks County Park & Rec, it was determined that limiting disruption to the nesting area would help insure that goose could nest successfully. Geese can be aggressive so climber safety was also a concern given the location of the nest. 
  • April 20, all parties approved signage and communication to be posted.
  • April 21, signs and online communication was released
  • Nest is being monitored on an ongoing basis.