At the end of 2020, EPAC wanted to spread some holiday cheer. We had been gifted a few pairs of lightly used demo climbing shoes and wanted to get them to a deserving climbers. To help us choose the lucky winners, we asked the community to nominate a local climber that you believed deserve a pair of climbing shoes!  

We had many heartfelt submissions. The care and thoughtfulness amongst climbers was inspiring. Winners were selected at random because we believed all nominees deserved to be chosen.

holiday shoe giveaway

Meet Danielle

She is a first grade teacher who has been teaching in the classroom and from her apartment during the pandemic. She was nominated by her fiancee (and climbing partner) who wanted her to know ” how grateful the community is of her teaching effort as well as show her how inspiring it is to see how much she loves her job and is committed to it.” Thank you Danielle for continuing to shape young minds without losing yours given the extra challenges this school year! 

Meet Joe



Joe is a student studying engineering. He learned to climb at a small university wall that a friend brought him to his freshman year. It changed his life! He was drawn to the kindness and sense of community which gave him a sense of belonging that he hadn’t felt before. Joe says that “Climbing is social and being able to share these experiences are what makes this sport unique and memorable. My goal in 2021 is to extend this joy to others.”

Meet Misha



Misha was nominated by her mother.  This came as a pleasant surprise since her mother is not a huge fan of her climbing,  She wanted her to have a treat since Misha “has been working tirelessly as an RN during this pandemic” as well as schooling her child. For 2021 she is dreaming of snowy mountains and currently training for  a 6-day mountaineering course based in the Sierras. 

Meet Emeric



Emeric is an aspiring doctor who also does a lot for the community.  He was nominated because” He uses things until they literally disintegrate, such as climbing shoes! He is also a passionate climber with a huge sense of responsibility of the lands we climb on and is an example of how we should all be in the outdoors!