Mocanaqua Final Public Meeting

The final draft of the Newport Township Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreational Area Feasibility Study is available for review! The open house is also the last public meeting to be held for questions or comments.


What is this?

  • This is the final public meeting to review and comment on the Draft OHV Feasibility Study.
  • Some 10,000 acres that are not suitable for traditional developed have been assessed for conservation and recreational use, specifically Off Highway Vehicle Use


How will this affect the climbing access?

  • Some climbing areas are within the study area and some are just outside. However, the outliers may become part of the area in a future transaction.  Areas that may be impacted include: The Library, Main Wall, Paradise, Squirrel Rock, Hawk Rock, The Penitentiary and The Drive-in.  It is unknown how an OHV park will affect climbing access to these areas, which is why EPAC has gotten involved.


Past EPAC involvement

  • EPAC and other members of the climbing community have attended all past public meetings. A record of our actions can be found on the Moc Area Page
  • The Access Fund and EPAC have had ongoing communication with Earth Conservancy, DCNR, and various steering committee members in relation to safegarding climbing access.
  • Conversations and proposals have been made to Earth Conversancy about the climbing areas outside the study area to gain both short-term and long-term climbing access.  These efforts are on going.


How you can help

  • Come to the meeting on Nov 15th at 5pm and show your support.  Register Here
  • If you cannot come, send them your comments via email here.  
  • Your comments represent the climbing community so please keep your comments constructive and respectful.  For example:  “Rock climbers have been users and stewards of this land for over 40 years, cleaning trash, maintaining trails, and reporting illegal behavior.  What provisions are being made to ensure climbers maintain free access to this public land that they have cared for over the past 4 decades?”