Narrows Request for Reevalution

Every year since 2016 the Narrows have been closed for raptor nesting. In the original discussions with DCNR, PA Game Commission(PGC), Access Fund and local climbers,  two options were communicated as an opportunity to reevaluate the closer. It was stated that either a new raptor management plan would replace the one implemented from 2013-2022 or the species would need to be delisted. At this time, both of those milestones have been reached. The current management plan has expired, though there are stipulations for population monitoring and metrics. The species was also delisted in Fall of 2021. While the species still warrants protection under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, EPAC began discussions with DCNR and PGC to have the closure reevaluated. In January 2023, DCNR suggested a formal request be made to begin this process.


Access Fund and EPAC drafted a request and proposal for reevaluation which was submitted and acknowledged by DCNR. In short, our stance contained the following points:

  • The are multiple examples of climbers and land managers working together at climbing areas on similar seasonal raptor closures.
  • The topography of the land lends itself to potentially implementing a viewshed based closure. Viewshed is considered by PGC for other nest sites such as building, bridges, etc.
  • Climbers are committed to species success and are willing to use the most recent science and data to help drive the decision making process.

Read full document here.


Climber support is much appreciated. Please continue to comply with the current closure parameters as EPAC and Access Fund navigate this process. 

All closure information can be found on our Narrows Page.