The Narrows

About The Area

While officially named Nockamixon Cliffs Natural Area,  it is known to ice climbers as The Narrows. Located near Kintnersville,  it is one of the rare spots in South Eastern PA for ice climbing. These 300+ foot high Brunswick Shale cliffs are encased in ice when the condition are right making for some prime ice routes.

LocationKintnersville, PA
GuidebookIce Climbing Pennsylvania
Land ManagerDCNR State Park-Natural Area


  • 2022 Closure notification from DCNR: “Beginning February 1st and lasting until July 31st, a section of the Nockamixon Cliffs Natural Area in Delaware Canal State Park will be CLOSED TO ALL ACTIVITY. This closure is to protect an endangered species nesting area during its most sensitive time. As a governmental organization dedicated to land and environmental stewardship, it is our responsibility to ensure the best possible outcome for this species that has decided to nest in the area. In this case, recreation must take a backseat to wildlife conservation. Closed areas will be posted with signs; the closure is located in the middle of the cliffs, with areas at either end open to normal winter activities if conditions exist. Both Delaware Canal State Park and PA Game Commission officers will be enforcing this closure. Due to the species being protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, failure to comply with the closures could lead to very hefty fines. We appreciate the understanding from the ice climbing community, as we recognize that many of you are environmental stewards yourselves and want to see these creatures flourish. So I appreciate your patience as we enter into a new mode of operation, and I thank you for helping the species by obeying the closure”


  • This area is NOT open for rock climbing or dry tooling due to the presence of the artic wildflower Roseroot. DCNR allows ice climbing for two reasons. First, once the ice is formed the Roseroot and other species are considered protected under the ice. Second, once the ice melts all evidence of human activity is gone along with it so it is as if we were never even there.


  • The a large portion of the area is CLOSED for ice climbing as of February 1 each year in cooperation with DCNR and PGC due to a raptor nesting site. Please see closure map below. The Access Fund is aware of the closure and has tried in the past to work with state officials.  The best thing climbers can do is comply with the closure as we try to make further progress.


In short, don’t do it! Dry tooling is expressingly prohibited at the Narrows for two...
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