Set & Stone Film Results – EPAC Win!

“Full of laughs and heart…a great reminder to us all how incredibly special our climbing community is. I hope to run into Dom and his crew soon!” – Judge Kate Fetterolf

“Dom (and Friends): Climber’s Quest” video won the Set & Stone film competition by getting the most votes. Submitted films were encouraged to share and promote their film. They had to keep that stoke high until fundraising went live, then they had get people to vote for their video. Each vote costs $1, and people can purchase as many votes as they like. “Climber’s Quest” received the most votes and raised $407.69 for EPAC. In total, the event raised over $1100 with half of the proceeds going to the Access Fund.

Much thanks to Access Fund PA Ambassador Ali for putting this event together. And, another huge shout out to all the great films. You can watch Dom’s video below and the rest can be found here in case you missed them!

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