Climbing Areas

This page is constantly being built out. The goal is to provide a snapshot of climbing areas in Eastern PA as well as access notes and efforts being made at a particular site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will you do for climbing areas?

EPAC will work closely with local ambassadors and land managers to determine the unique needs of each area, and develop plans to help protect our local climbing. 

What is an Ambassador?

Climbing area ambassadors are locals that know and love their boulders and crags. They will be the voice that connects their climbing area to the EPAC team. We’re also looking for ambassador mentees that aspire to play a more direct role in the future.

What climbing areas do you cover?

TBD! We want to hear from you about needs at your local climbing areas. We will generally represent climbing areas in Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Who manages the climbing lands in Pennsylvania?

Climbing areas in Pennsylvania span Federal, State, Local and Private Lands. It is important for climbers to understand the management, limits and needs of these lands. Engaging land owners is the key to access and future development. It is also important to recognize that these lands contain countless natural resources as well as wildlife that need to be considered and, in some cases, protected.

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