EPAC Welcomes New Board Members

After many months of preparation, we finally held our first official elections! We grew our board to 12 members, and are very excited to welcome the following people onto the team!

Please join us in welcoming these dedicated individuals to EPAC.

Georgia (jor-JEE-a) Sitaras


My passion and vision is to build relationships with the community and partner with existing groups to start closing the vast gap, ask who’s missing and why so everyone can start to have an experience more welcoming and similar to the one I was privileged to experience.

Wayne Kleppe 

Wayne brings over a decade experience in grant writing and non-profit community engagement to EPAC.






Yuri Rodríguez

I’m excited to work on building a diverse climbing community that helps people of all backgrounds to feel included.





Ken Sinapius

My vision is to open climbers, including myself, to new climbing areas and to make new friends in the climbing community.